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slow, sweet insanity.

confessions of a teenage drama queen.

"i don't know who i am anymore. my world starts and stops right outside your door. i'm feeling weak, and i can't breathe tonight..." - losing me.

i'm one of the most random people you'll be lucky to meet, and i'm fully aware that more people say that than is imaginable. it's untrue, because i win that contest. trust me. but it's okay random people make life interesting, right?

i don't believe in love at first sight, i don't believe that everyone can get along, but i wish for world peace anyway. i know that perfection is unattainable, but i think competition is necessary, and continue to want what i can't have. if you asked me what i'd wish for i'd tell you more wishes. there are too many things.
i've been told a lot of things about myself; not one of them coincides with what i believe. do i know more about myself than you do? sadly, probably not.

which is why this about me section is pointless. my parents don't me, strangers don't know me and hell, i don't think i even know me.

but i type this anyway.

good luck figuring out why.

I like...
laughs that ring through your ears and make you smile hours afterwards, jeans that never go out of style, a roaring winter fire when the lights are out in canada, family that irritates you half to death, people who you think about constantly, that feeling you get when remembering the good times, seeing chubby little kids eating ice cream, blinding oranges and yellow in autumn, carrying more shopping bags than you can possibly hold, a good song getting stuck in your head, people who make you smile without saying anything, not caring about the world, writing till you get a hand cramp, running till your lungs feel like they're going to burst, a movie that makes you cry (just cry or with laughter), houses you wish were yours, weddings you plan in your head, people you see yourself with, the way your favorite shampoo smells, butterflies fluttering against a pristine azul sky, flowers that break your heart when petals fall, wind that whisks leaves away, the embarrassed smile on your face when your mother takes pictures at your birthday party, meeting someone then realizing you've met before, giggling just because you can, pictures of when you were a kid, someone who makes your heart soar, and many more.